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February 09, 2010

Phishing database I

Phishing responds to a purely criminal activity, part of the circuit that drives the illegal business of crimeware, designed to steal money using the sensitive and private information from users that criminals obtained through non-sacred activities.

Therefore, as a preventive measure, it's important not to allow access to the domains that host usually banks cloned pages, webmail and any other Internet service through a process that requires authentication.

To that end, born Phishing database, a compendium of fraudulent domains for implementing a plunger of phishing, which can be used to create the block lists.

Wachovia Corporation






JPMorgan Chase Bank

In this case, in the same living space there is a breach against eBay phishing and another against JPMorgan Chase Bank in the IP address The site is controlled by a shell in php call !islamicshell v. edition ADVANCED!.

The truth is that in addition to web upload cloned, the attacker can quietly, such as spreading malware of any type hosted on the server which hosts the site, including (a very common and which tend to be used the shell php) defacing.

Lloyds TSB Bank


Canada Revenue Agency

Poste italiane


Jorge Mieres

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