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March 27, 2010

Phishing Database IV

Economically-financial and banking institutions
HSBC (;jsessionid=0000UyzfmbnkvKfK9fLILUpaTgF14et5m1u3IDV_URL=hsbc.MyHSBC_pib/


Lloyds TSB (

BMO - Bank of Montreal (

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Jorge Mieres

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March 07, 2010

myLoader. Base C&C to manage Oficla/Sasfis Botnet

myLoader a particular purpose Framework developed to manage the activities of a botnet. The data reflected in this report were collected based on the study of the criminal activities of a botnet containing a quantity of more than 210,000 zombies zombies.

We describe the potential threat of this crime through the breakdown of the modules comprising the package that allows the management of the botnet ophicleide / Sasfis. Also presents some information that helps explain his behavior both in propagation strategy as in the processes of infection and prevention to help counteract their actions.

Spanish | English | Author: Jorge Mieres | Malware Intelligence | 2010, March

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