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June 15, 2011

The Art of the Cyberwar

The development of new technologies, in catching up with military interests and dependence on existing technology by developed countries, sets up a scenario where the cyber war, or war in cyberspace, is becoming more important.

All countries aware of the risks of such dependence developed defense programs against attacks that could jeopardize critical national infrastructure.

On the other hand, developing countries and major world powers are training computer security experts in various techniques of hacking, cracking, virology, etc.., forming true experts in cyber warfare, called cyberwarriors.

That does not fit anyone doubt that the future wars will not be determined or land or sea or air, but in cyberspace. The soldiers do not carry weapons or shields, but knowledge and deploy applications that war virus, disabling the enemy's critical systems that are technologically dependent.

This is the scenario where the world is moving now, a scenario of technological dependence, where countries with more traditional military strength will be losing ability to war for countries with highly qualified in computer security and cyber techniques.

This essay is intended as a point of reflection and knowledge about cyber warfare, on the present philosophy of Sun Tzu in the Art of War, and adapt their knowledge to technological scenario which we live and live, so we can get a modern compendium: The Art of Cyberwar.

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